Best summertime walks in SW London and Surrey

We love the residential areas of south west London and Surrey for its open green spaces, parks and places to enjoy outdoors. Heading out for a walk in SW London is a perfect weekend activity. Sometimes our Commons and National Parks can seem busier than the high street. There are lots of leisure activities along the walks in SW London to enjoy from wading in rivers, picnics, cycling tow paths and riverside walks. In the larger open spaces of Surrey there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy. Adventure through woodlands, hills, fantastic views and stepping stones, with of course the odd pub along the way.

Brexit could have ‘huge impact’ on theatre economy | Kingston Courier

Fresh concerns over the future of British theatre have been raised following the government’s delay on a Brexit deal. As the uncertainty over Brexit continues, theatres are beginning to see a dip in their profits. Chief executive of the Rose Theatre in Kingston Robert O’Dowd said: “That week when there was a vote on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday sequentially was our worst ever box office take in our 11-year history. Is that a coincidence? Who knows? But I think they are related. There is a

Reasons To Visit Merton Abbey Mills - TripTide

The site dates back to the Middle Ages and was the property of Gilbert the knight which had been given to him by Henry I. According to Merton Council, ‘Gilbert founded an Augustinian priory in 1117 at the point where the old Roman road crossed the River Wandle, where the SavaCentre and Merton Abbey Mills now stand.’ It ceased being a priory in 1538 during the Dissolution under Henry VIII. The only remaining part of the medieval priory that still exists is now occupied by the Colour House Theatre